Business Idea Test

Test customer reaction and early traction with our web template and lead generator


Low cost to design and build a page, but further costs may be incurred, depending on your customer acquisition paths, e.g. paid ads.


Set-up time is up to a week, depending on existing collateral. Minimum runtime is 2 weeks, but a longer cycle could be needed.

Data strength

This test can reveal early signals about how much customers value the business idea and which channels will reach them


You have a new business idea, but don’t yet know how it will land with customers.  Our web template and lead generator will test whether this idea attracts customer understanding and interest.  You can measure traction in terms of registering interest, sign-ups or pre-ordering.

This is the simplest and cheapest way to assess customer interest at scale, and it can also capture more detailed customer feedback which can help shape this idea before you significant invest time and money.


  • Testing multiple propositions (A-B testing)
  • Testing multiple channels
  • Integrating surveys or interviews
  • Integrating with fake-door tests
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Digital Experience Test

Simulate a new digitised experience and learn how your customers will react before committing to build


Customer experience where the key value is delivered manually with some supporting technology

Pricing Page

Test your customers’ willingness to buy at different price points, to optimise your margins


Capture details about the customers’ experience through regular self-reporting


Pitching the proposition to potential customers and partners to gauge future interest

Fake Door

Calls to action which communicate a proposition to capture customer desirability without having building the feature