Digital Experience Test

Simulate a new digitised experience and learn how your customers will react before committing to build


Medium cost to build, although this can be minimised depending upon the visual and interactional fidelity required.


Set-up time is typically 2-5 days. Run-time showing it to customers to get feedback could be from two days to two weeks.

Data strength

This answers questions about aspects of the online experience and can bring to life the proposition, but it is weak on predicting customer behaviour.


Does your business idea centre upon a new digital experience?  Are you planning to build an MVP, but are unsure how to scope it or focus resources on only the most essential features?

Clickable prototype testing allows you to understand how your potential customers will react to this digital experience, and to refine down your feature set to exactly what is needed for your first build.  This will save you money by allowing you to specify a leaner MVP and avoid unnecessary pivots once coding has started.


  • Testing multiple propositions (A-B testing)
  • Testing multiple channels
  • Integrating surveys or interviews
  • Integrating with fake-door tests
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